Peters Energy Solutions Inc. was acquired by IBI Group on Monday, February 1, 2021. We look forward to bringing our expertise to build on the advancement of IBI’s work in sustainable community development and its focus on the environment. 

News Release: IBI Acquires Peters Energy Solutions

Peters Energy Solutions Inc. is proud about our past service. We appreciate the ongoing support of our clients, external consultants and utility providers.

Peters Energy Solutions Inc. is an energy industry consulting company.  Joe Peters and a group of associates offer you expertise, flexibility, and a highly professional approach to help you find the strategic and tactical solutions you need.  Further, we can apply our expertise in managing and executing your project.

We focus on maximizing economics and ensuring project success for power users or producers. We understand the often overlooked details required for connecting a project to the electrical system, and how to represent it to the regulatory, utility and community and corporate organizations.