Peters Energy Solutions has developed a strong team, ideal for strategically and tactically extracting maximum value and minimizing your costs from energy generation grid connections or off-grid requirements.  We also utilize a network of consultants as required to ensure that each part of the project is a success.  It is our aim to earn our client’s trust through clear communication of alternatives, economics and then driving to the desired results.  Leveraging our industry knowledge, analytical strengths and technical know-how gives us the edge to efficiently and economically navigate your project through to in-service and operation.

An innovative, business-focused, results-oriented professional with 30 years of energy industry experience, including oil, gas and electricity.  Joe has a diverse corporate background including distributed generation, electricity distribution, oil and gas operations, pipelines, utility regulation, market development, project management, customer service, demand forecasting.  Joe currently focuses on both renewable and conventional energy generation.

John Alho, B.Sc. Honours

John recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science Honours in Natural Sciences from the University of Calgary where he studied energy science and biology. We look forward John’s contributions to our team and support his interests in energy and sustainability.

Victor Beda

As an Electrical Technologist and holding a specialist designation in Instrumentation, Victor is well versed in the technology used in industry today.  Victor has led numerous technology development projects from the conceptual stages into manufacturing and commissioning both in Canada and overseas.  Victor is a founder of Alberta Metal Works, and past chair of the Banff Couples Conference society.

Leo Dragos, B.Eng. MBA

Leo is a seasoned professional with more than 3 decades of experience across various domains and industries, including military, nuclear, banking and manufacturing.  Leo brings to the team a left-brained personality and dependable analytical skills and expertise in stochastic process modeling and simulation. His focus is to identify the most rational technical solutions, assist in profitable economic decision making and support the pre/post implementation optimization effort.

Leo has a degree in naval electric and automation systems and an MBA from the Haskayne School of Business in Calgary.

Kristina Groves, M.Sc.

After a long career in high-performance sport as a long track speed skater that culminated with four Olympic medals, Kristina Groves has shifted her focus to the energy industry.  With a keen interest in energy, efficiency and climate change policy, she returned to school to pursue a master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Development from the University of Calgary.  Kristina is applying her skills and knowledge to total project analysis of energy projects, including work on peaking plants, combined heat and power (CHP) plants, peak load management and time of use in the Alberta Electricity Market. She is involved in research, economic and policy analysis, as well as communication of results through reports and presentations.

Jennifer Traichel, B.Sc.

Jennifer has 20 years of diverse experience in environmental management and customer engagement that she applies to furthering growth and innovation in the energy industry. She has specialized expertise and interest in creative problem solving, customer and stakeholder engagement, utility and energy business model change and corporate social responsibility. Jennifer has a Diploma in Renewable Resource Management and a Bachelor of Environmental Science.

Robert J. Henry, P.Eng, MBA

An energetic, results-oriented leader with 25 years of industrial experience, Robert has a diverse background across energy industries including design, manufacturing, distribution, construction, and maintenance with core skills in operational and project execution, organizational alignment and growth, and business process and capability development.  Robert holds degrees in Applied Science, Manufacturing Systems, and Business Administration.

Cynthia Mate, B.A., B.Comm

A power industry specialist with 10 years of experience, Cynthia has a strong background in financial modeling, data analysis, and cost/benefit analysis of power-sourcing alternatives. Cynthia also has widespread experience in the Retail Energy Market.  Cynthia led the development of Load Settlement, system design and customer service functions at two companies that entered the power market upon deregulation in 2001.  Cynthia relies on extensive MS Access, SQL query language, and MS Excel skills, to provide data analysis that help clients lower cost.

Dr. Jacqueline Peters, CPHR, PCC

Jacqueline’s mission is to help people create safer and more effective relationships in all areas of their life, at work and home. In addition to her role as an executive of Peters Energy, she is the President and Founder of InnerActive Leadership Associates Inc. and has been coaching and developing leaders and teams for more than 20 years. Her high performance team and relationship systems have been successfully applied by individuals and organizations around the world. She has published many articles and is an author of three books:
– High Performance Relationships
– 50 Tips for Terrific Teams!
– High Performance Team Coaching