We can help…

Please contact us to discuss both your opportunities and risks if:

  • you want to understand what you need to know about the electricity regulations in your province
  • you want to shelter your company from rising transmission rates
  • you are unsure if your electricity generation or load project would be best connected to the distribution system or the transmission system, considering tariffs, revenue streams, costs and regulations
  • you need help understanding current renewable generation opportunities, technologies, limitations and opportunities
  • you have large steam requirements and want to know if cogeneration makes economic sense
  • you want to know if you should generate electricity from your waste heat or product streams and how to maximize the value of electricity
  • you are paying out large payments on electricity price hedges
  • you want to reduce your electricity cost and you have a small amount of operating flexibility in your electrical loads
  • you want to explore owning your own distribution lines or transmission lines for your project
  • you are unsure if your industrial site needs an ISD (Industrial System Designation)
  • you are tired of all the acronyms and you want to focus more on your core business